Friday, April 06, 2007

- our drummer Jason seriously injured his hand, so unfortunatley he won't be able to play with us on the 21st and 27th of this month. we wish Jason a speedy recovery and can't wait until he's able to play again. Anthony (Disnihil, Sick of Talk) will be filling in for us on those dates. Anthony is no stranger to us, as he played with us all of last summer, and recorded all the songs you hear on our Myspace page.

- we cancelled our 4/20 appearence.

- on the May 9th gig (featuring our own bassist Dave's grind band Omicron, Buckshot Facelift, Protestant) taking our place will be the sub-underground noise act LORAZEPANZRAM. the aural equivalent of hemophiliacs on blood thinners, LORAZEPANZRAM posses a rich history of sonic mindcrime and circuitry rape that has gone without documentation or audience for far too long. FINALLY.

- recent musical obsessions; Estradasphere, The Twilight Singers, Skeletal Family, Graveyard Rodeo, the Accused, Monarch!, Year of the Rabbit, Death Cab for Cuite, Grinderman, In Slaughter Natives, Guzzard, La Gritona, Chokebore, Clockcleaner, Elliot Smith, Machine Head, Wold, Incantation, Stillborn, Carla Kihlstedt, Sneaker Pimps, Pain Killer, LORAZEPANZRAM

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Art: Tin & Airy

NP:Crisis - Bloodlines

- we finally have some truly awesome t-shirts being printed (artwork designed by Bernie from Willbreaker). by the time the shows roll around, they'll be ready, along with a 2 song sample cassette or CDR entitled Nihilism is for Lovers, featuring songs from our August 2006 recording session with Mike Hill.

- speaking of shows, here's the calender thus far;

April, 20 2007 at VILLAGE PUB of LINDENHURST (formerly Pats place, formerly Dr. ShAy's)
174 Wellwood Avenue, LINDENHURST, New York
Cost : -

...first Long Island gig in almost a year. more bands TBA.

April, 21 2007 at j robbins benefit smithtowm masonic temple
smithtown masonic temple, smithtown, New York
Cost :

j robbins benefit with tension,deathcycle,unearthly trance,take my chances,disnihil,light myself on fire

here's the information on just what the show is for.

April, 27 2007 at Tommy's Tavern
1041 manhattan avenue, brooklyn, 11222
Cost :

Three Faces of Eve, Id(MA),ASRA, The Communion

May, 9 2007 at Rockstar Bar
349 kent avenue, brooklyn, 11211
Cost : $5

Protestant(WI), ASRA, Buckshot Facelift, Omicron, The Communion

May, 18 2007 at TBA
Not Available , Pittsburgh,
Cost :

Iskra, The Communion, more TBA

May, 19 2007 at Club Midway
25 avenue B, NY, 10009
Cost : $7

Iskra, Willbreaker,The Communion, more TBA

May, 21 2007 at disgraceland
1713 south 6th street, philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cost :

Iskra,dissystema all ages!

- listen to Integrity and TV on the Radio.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

- check out our Myspace for new songs and shows.

- took a little vacation since Jason's down in Florida. been nice, but looking forward to gearing up for our first Long Island gig in almost a year, which will take place April 20 @ Village Pub in Lindenhurst.

- recent musical obsessions; Neurosis, Sade, Caroliner, Integrity, Void, Portal, Havohej, 90 Minute Gun Fight, Genocide Organ, White Cross, Convulse, Watchtower, Winterkalte, Shpongle, Sebkha-Chott, Wormphelgm, muMs, Battle of Mice, Slaine D, Boredoms, Threadbare, Wallside, Crucifix, Stigmata, Darkside NYC, Lockweld, Albert Ayler, Acme

- finally..this is for Gary Cacioppo, my Irish Twin;


death to boys who cry.

Monday, February 19, 2007

True patriot love in all thy sons command.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pink on the Inside

- i just thought i'd take this opportunity get a little gay and thank everyone in this band and everyone of our friends/supporters (however few there are) for getting on board with whatever the fuck my "cause" may be. i consider myself very fortunate to be in a band with people whose drive, vision, and ears match, or at least condone, my own esoteric tastes. it truly is a rare occurence when all the stuff comes together perfectly, and though we may have an almost constant struggle trying to get people to give the time of fuck-day, i'm very proud of the music we're making and i hope we continue to do make it for a long long time. i still got a lot of screaming to do, and as long as i'm fueled by a narcisisitc rage stemming from 24 years of sexual frustration and near-violent anti-humanism, as well as having the awful racket around me, i'll be inspired forevermore.

- recent musical obsessions; Gorguts, Opeth, Polvo, Frightmare, Nyia, Samo, Semargl, Neuma, Overmars, Articles of Faith, Haymaker, Thought Industry, Deathspell Omega, Antigama, Thoughts of Ionesco, Disassociate

Monday, February 12, 2007

- practice kicked my ass (in the best way) this past weekend. Jason's been rocking the living dead-fuck out of the drums. the new songs "WOLF TICKET BOX OFFICE" and "RECOVERING VIGILANTE" are like people in porn; coming together. that's the only time things ever come writing and porn...and in porn they're faking it, so all we can do in order to achieve a conjoint sense of "fuck yes" is to write fucked up black metal/grindcore songs.

as for the songs themselves...they're the usual Communion melting pot of noise; black metal (early 90s stuff and a little bit of the more contemporary French bands like Antaeus), Bolt Thrower, Swans, Crowbar, garage thrash, weird hardcore. the lyrics are my usual trip i suppose. not sure if attempting to explain them would do any good, but i'll just say that they fall along the lines of Burroughs, Diamanda Galas, Jorodowsky, Starkweather (the band and maybe a little bit of the man), M. Gira's the Consumer, Japanese and Korean cinema, Thoughts of Ionesco, Ryu Murakami, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and all the other stuff listed on our Mysthpaceth.

- read books, watch porn, and listen to Germs.

Friday, February 09, 2007

- "Caligula Reincarnated as the Android of Notre Dame" has been changed to "Recovering Vigilante". i was having a pissbitch of a time trying to get the lyrics to flow when i was using "Caligula", but once i used the "Recovering" lyrics in their place, magic happened. magic and rape.

- some shows seem to be in the works. more to come.

- recent musical obsessions: Disassociate, Scott Walker, S.O.D., Bad Brains, Mr. Bungle, Arkhon Infaustus, TV on the Radio, Overmars, Haymaker, Plasmatics, Boredoms, Lugubrum, the Fall, Rorschach, All Saints, Candlemass, Joanna Newsom, Thought Industry, Confessor