Saturday, April 23, 2005

Werewolf Fight Riffs and Peter Sotos.

- the show is coming up on your ass with no lubrication and a horn at the tip of it's head.

- so the new song "Behead a Southern Lord" has what i have dubbed WEREWOLF FIGHT RIFFS. what are WEREWOLF FIGHT RIFFS? black metal riffs. but you can totally picture werewolves fight each other, and not like in that stupid movie Wolf where Jack Nicholson and James Spader toss one another around like homosexual love dolls fighting over who gets to wear a pink sash while blowing the singer from Ballistic, but a total all-out battle of lyco-epic proportions. the last man standing gets to have sex with the 2 chicks from Ginger Snaps while Goatwhore plays "Lycanthropic Moon" for 3 hours......on the moon. the moon rules.

- check out Peter Sotos on Myspace:

he needs your freindship. i know he comes on a little strong, but he's a big softie with a heart full of teddy bears with pig-tails and pet bunnies made of sugar and smiles. he wuvs you.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

- so we've been talking about cover songs. seems like we all want to do Carnivore songs, but there are too many awesome Carnivore songs to choose from, so maybe we'll just make like Six Feet Under did with AC/DC's Back in Black and just cover all of Retaliation. it would be a gas to play "Race War" in Freeport or Levy-town or Brooklyn, or to scream "REICH UND ROLL!!!!" at the top of my lungs in any part of LI where Jewish people that means every part of LI. duurp.

- our "comeback" show is a little under a month away. apparently Deathcycle WON'T be playing this show, which really blows cause they're an awesome band and we were really looking forward to playing with them. the rest of the line-up is pretty damn good though, so all hope is not lost.

- Goatsblood broke up, and Willowtip made up for it by signing 4 totally awesome bands;

1. Circle of Dead Children: tied w/ Pig Destroyer in terms of being my absolute favorite heavy band at the moment. gurgling apocoplyptic death grind with intelligent lyrics and a truly bleak atmosphere that makes nearly every "dark" death metal and black metal band look like the pathetic try-hards they are.

2. Kill the Client: not that familar with them, but the little bit i've heard is really awesome grindcore. Lee knows more about them than i.

3. Electro Quarterstaff: really unique instrumental metal band. like Bolt Thrower doing the music for Mega Man.

4. Phobia: something of legends in the grindcore scene. they have a whole lot of releases that HATE 'MERICA!!!!!!!!

between this and Relapse signing Leng Tch'e and Cretin, things seem to be getting good again with these labels. Southern Lord? ....they still suck. except for Lair of the Minotaur.

- if you want a copy of our songs, bring a tape recorder to the show.

"Only a fool would die for the sins of Humanity!"

-Peter Steele

Monday, April 04, 2005

well Blogspot decided to be a cunt today and erase this long winded advertisement I wrote for the upcoming show. you should've seen it, it was glorious. lots of adjectives and references to butt-sex, comic books, and murder. now I’ll have to be an unoriginal assbag and just copy and paste Into the Pit's blurb for the show;

May, 14 2005 at ALMOST HOME CAFÉ
796 UDALL ROAD, W. ISLIP, NY 11795
Cost: $5


anyways, it should be a really cool show. first show with the new line-up, and a few new songs that we're really happy with that should come off really nice live.