Sunday, July 24, 2005

NP:Muse-Sing for Absolution

this Muse album is really cool. it sounds like Radiohead without all the bullshit and with a lot more rock.

so the recording process wrapped up yesterday. the rough mixes sound lord of all things heavy-heavy. we're still awaiting the final mix, which i'm sure will sound great.

thanks to Mike Hill (of the amazing band Anodyne, who broke up this month) for knowing his shit and being a patient cool customer. we didn't realize that he had produced albums for such bands as Lickgoldensky, Premonitions of War, and mothefucking ISIS, so he was really slumming it these last couple of days by recording our lame asses. we appreciate the hell out of it though.

last and least, the Devil's Rejects is to 60s/70s exploitation cinema what the Strokes are to 60s/70s rock and roll.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

- recording starts this week. tracking drums and bass on Friday, guitars and vocals on Saturday.

- just recieved the final layout of the artwork and it looks incredible. props to Ms. Jenn for making my inane scetches and sub-standard collage work into something awesome. between this and getting Mike Hill to record and mix us, it appears we're really working miracles with this thing so far...looks like we'll finally be able to live down the "I've Got A Big Coat and A Fisfull of White Girl, So Let's Go to Paris" days, though we're still ripping off the same bands, stealing their riffs and ideas like we're in the midst of a city-wide power failure. *shrugs*.

- shows: August 28 @ Sin-E with Disasociate. August 31 @ the Freespace w/ Disasociate, Deathcycle, Sick Of Talk.

- i sent out a manuscript for a novella i wrote, so on top of the EP maybe we'll be selling my first book at shows as well. how arrogant is that shit? anyway the book shares some of the same themes that many of the lyrics have. off the record, that's because i have a one-track mind and little to no imagination, but offically it's supposed to go along with the songs, like a concept album or something. this is all still to soon to say though, and since i am unusually superstitious and paranoid i may have just jinxed the whole deal...oh well.

get the new albums from Soilent Green and Circle of Dead Children.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Crescent Fresh

- Lee and I will be attending the Kill the Client/Dying Light show @ Sin E this coming weds. try to control yourselves. i know we look good, but you can't afford us baybay. i'm somewhat excited about this show. it will be my first proper exposure to KTC. all the right people have been telling me how good this band is, so i'm sure i won't be dissapointed. i'm curious about the Dying Light aswell, seeing as how ex-members of Cattlepress are in the band.

- still recording in 2 weeks.

check out some awesome bands on SpyMace;

Disnihil - great dark sounding hardcore.

Rat in a Bucket - another winner from Nawlins. really underrated grind band.

Starkweather - some kind of legend. should have new stuff out soon and touring too.

Powerglove - nostalgia! Power Rangers! video games!

Gun Point Romance - some of the scariest vocals i've heard in a long time. vocalist Kat is one of the sweetest people on this earth, the very perfect blend of yoga instructor and howling mad woman.

Feast of Herod - one of my absolute favorite bands right now. sludgy bleak corrosive blackend death grind with big words.

Sick of Talk - young kids from the area playing really great hardcore punk.

Black Howler - a now defunct dark hardcore band. Tragedy with a death wish.

Wake Up On Fire - another sadly dead band. great mix of Rune-esque doom-death with some HHIG hardcore tossed in.

Coffin Syrup - dopey fun death metal.

Doomriders - heavy as lead-stuffed balls stoner rock. features Nate from Converge...sounds nothing like them.

Cyanide Breed - pretty brillant death/black metal. i was in 2 bands with the drummer, who might be the best musician i've ever known. just finished their first tour.

Triac - great grind cut from the same cloth as Pig Destroyer.

Stomach Earth - great great doom from some guys from the Red Chord. this is probably all you'll ever hear from them sadly, but it's great stuff.

don't forget to check out Period Face Productions.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

spur of the moment change;

i've decided to change the name of "Incinerate Capricorn" to "3 Legged Capricorn" because i like the sound of it better. toodles.
NP:Smashing Pumpkins-Eye

- tit's official; we're recording Well Played, Illuminati the weekend of July 22. 4 songs (Violin Spider, Festival for Leeches, Incinerate Capricorn, Iron Box Burial).

- this morning i did a crude design of the cd cover and what will be in the booklet and the back of the cd. nothing to fancy by the by, but it should look cool once we get someone who knows what they're doing to makes it look at least somewhat beyond my "retarded fourth grader with broken fingers" art skills.

- that is all.