Sunday, January 29, 2006

- still playing Almost Home Cafe on February 25. come on along.

- we're looking to record an new E.P. entitled Behead a Southern Lord once again with Mighty Mike Hill around March. 4 more songs wou won't want ot hear;

Amnesiac Minutes
Carressing Carrions
Behead a Southern Lord

- took in 3 shows in the span of 2 days.

1. Sick of Talk/Deathcycle/Celebrity Murders/some other boring bands @ TGIF Sights and Screwjobs; this was the show we were supposed to play...i feel stupid for getting all bent out of shape about not playing it, because after attending the show and mingling with the bands, i'm almost grateful we didn't get to play. the venue was the kind of place you might go for a 5th grade girl's 11th birthday party. the bands played on a fraction of a gymnasium floor to a crowd consisting of dopey 15 year olds in their cleanest dirt-punk clothes... whose mothers were more than likely waiting for them in the parking lot with Munchkins and Gatorade in hand.

Sick of Talk improved quite abit from the last time i saw them, incorporating some interesting riffs into their Infest-style hardcore. Deathcycle were the beautiful nightmare of this show, as these little kids just didn't know what to make of the slimy abrasivness of their sound, actually appearing somewhat unnerved at the sight of the band's violence-incarnate performance. i loved it, though.

the real story of the night came at the urine-slathered hands of For the Worse, a big-deal Boston hardcore band that i've never heard before. Lee and I moved some Deathcycle merch right alongside the FTW fellows. 2 of them were pretty nice, personable of them was a very severe looking no-nonsense type (if you look like the penis of an ugly soccer hooligan with Scarlet Johansen's face grafted on the head, strecthed out like a comic strip imprinted onto Silly Putty, i guess you deal with a lot of shit and have to be tough), the kind of guy who is needlessly confrontational, always ready to act out a Negative Approach song. i can almost respect that. the singer is where our story emerges.

throughout the night, the singer for FTW, we'll call him "Popcorn Hair-do" was plastered and doing assorted random acts of stupidity, from flicking lit cigarrettes at young kids to drinking his own piss to making fun of Lee's glasses. i'm not kidding. he actually made fun of Lee's glasses. the final blow came during Celebrity Murders' set, where Popcorn Hair-Do proceded to throw a glass beer bottle at the band. this of course pissed the band off royally (and understandbly), which blew it for FTW, as they were asked to leave the venue. no show for them. they now must ride back to Boston, hanging their Popcorn Hair-Doos in shame.

2. Villains/Disnihil/Caustic Christ/Municipal Waste @ ABC No Rio; packed house for this one...actually a sell-out crowd on hand. Villains were pretty ok...some cool riffs/screams here and there, but they could benefit from tighter songwriting and more original lyrical concepts. Disnihil were excellet. stood outside for Caustic Christ. Municpal Waste were fun, and it was one of the bigger pits i've seen. i wasn't to into them, though. they're almost too retro sounding, to the point that i can't tell if the whole thing is a piss-take or for true. it's not a Darkness level of "is he joking?" irony, but at times i was reminded of Three Inches of Blood...and i DO NOT like being reminded of Three Inches of Blood.

3. J.D.A./Deathcycle/Caustic Christ/Municipal Waste @ North Six; another sell-out crowd. since the show was in the basement, they only allowed 70 people into the show. at least 30+ more showed up. if they were smart they would've moved it upstairs, but Jimmie's Chicken Shack was playing up there and since they're big stars (or were...9 years ago...almost...but not really) they can't lower themselves to playing in a basement. i did think it was funny that more people showed up for the 8 dollar underground punk show than the never-was K-Rock tripe of Jimmie's Welfare Check. it was even more funny that no one could remember what they're either one of their 2 almost hits sounded like. it's not so funny that i do sort of remember what they sound like...well it's not funny to me, anyway.

Deathcycle and Municipal Waste were the same...Deathcylce fairing a little bit better in the grimier suroundings of the basement. the other 2 bands were standard hardcore and really nothing special at all.

happy Back to School everyone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

NP:Grum Lee-Stairway to Heaven

- the first fisting of 2006 comes at the crisco-lathered hands of TGIF Sights and Sounds. a show was scheduled for January 27th originally at the Ethical Humanist Center in Amityville, but once again due to certain's people's inabilty to read a fucking calender, the show was double booked and forced to move further out, into the "where-the-fuck" woods of Farmingville, TGIF sights and sounds to be exact. due to time constraints, one band had to be kicked off the bill, and take a fuck-wild guess who that one band was?

it's a bummer because the line-up was pretty goddamn immacualte (Sick of Talk, Celebrity Murders, Deathcycle). it isn't very often we play with a line-up that good, so of course we got the boot. it's just as well...seeing as how TrustDill Records recording "artists" Caught Up are also on the bill and any money that show makes will probably got to them since bands that have a label spending money on their promotion/merch/etc fucking NEED every little bit of help they can get.

...okay that's not fair. i'm sure they'll get fucked over by their label like everyone else. oh well, live by the sword....

(further note; i don't really blame anyone about this. it is frustrating and unfortunate, but it happens. i'd still encourage many to check this show out, cause the bands are excellent).

- on the plus side, we will be returning to Almost Home Cafe on February 25th, playing with a bunch of death metal bands. that's 11 days after Valentine's Day. that means absolutely nothing.

- 2 more new songs look to be in the works; "Chikatilo Love-Bite" and "Scarecrow Revolt". more sludgy grind fun on our parts...well, on the part of the musicians. i merely supply the sardonic one-liners and revenge fantasies that make up the lyrical content. if wasn't for my blather these fellows would be fighting off catholic school girls, their crothes teeming with orgasms due to the panty-raiding power of their rock. but then i come in with my "you think i'm ugly, don't you" insecurity and once again we must sugar our own churros.

...i can't remember what i just typed.

NP:DVDA-Now You're a Moin.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

is it Armageddon, yet?

happy new year to the not-a-god-damn-persons out there who read this shit.

- weh-heh-heh-elly welly welly looks like MAYBE FINALLY PERHAPS MOST DEFINIETLY we have found ourselves a drummer. about that other guy we tried out back in November, well we just couldn't supply the same kind of excitement that one assertains from tuba lessons and the Relapse Records message board, so he didn't last to long. the guy that loooks to be the new drummer is Adam, who is hands down-thumbs up one of the best drummers i've ever heard...not just because he's fast and unrelenting and other assorted adjectives that are better suited for an review of a death metal album...but because he came to our first practice actually knowing the songs. Stupid Cory was in the band for 8 months and he didn't know guitar strings from anal beads (to be fair, i've made the same mistake before. man was my brother pissed....).

- in a couple of months we might cobble together another 4-song demo. our current one, Well Played, Illuminati is still ready and waiting to be forever slimed in the sweats of your breathless envy. LOVE US.

- hopefully there will be some shows in the new year. one seemingly confirmed show is scheduled for April...w/ Dissacociate, Deathcycle, and mother-of-all-mother-fuck APARTMENT 213...though i've probably just jinxed it by typing that name out...i'm stupid like that.

- current music obsessions; Boris, diSEMBOWELMENT, Negative Male Child, Brainbombs, early Mayhem, Beherit, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, the Spitters, Marduk, Kayo Dot, Gravediggaz, Slowdive, live Motorhead, Rollins Band demos.

- current cinematic obsessions; Naked Lunch Criterion DVD, Jacob's Ladder, Old Boy, the Devil's Backbone

- with all the floods, deaths (Piggy, Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Pryor, Mieszko from Nasum), exposed government evils, and Otep on Def Poetry Jam, 2005 was the abusive child molesting wife beating puppy killing worthless alcoholic step-father of all years. let's hope that 2006 is less of a fucking bastard.