Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brutality is Dead and Brutality Killed it.

- played a soul sucking show @ Almost Home cafe last night. crowd was so brutal that they had to keep their hands in their pockets, because they are just so brutal that the brutality of their brutally morbid brutality would brutal the brutality of the brutal, the brutal, and also the brutal. typical lame NYDM crowd that can't comprehend any form of music that isn't a seemingly endless repetion of slam riffs, and since we're not contributing to the soundtrack of their lives i.e. playing violent video games in their parents' basements while their collection of McFarlane Toys action figures stare onward, i guess we're weak poser shit that is weak and posery and therefore unworthy of the attention of their blackend cheese-doodle dusted souls. they're no different than the Juggalos or the Marilyn Manson types or the Slipknot Mickey Mouse Club metal kids. they all walk around with the undeserved sense of toughness, spending 85 dollars of hooded sweatshirts and listening to cheese-dick-go-nowhere bar bands and hailiing them as the second coming...the BRUTAL second BRUTAL coming of BRUTAL. they wouldn't know honest, passionate music if it took a garrote to their fat girlfriend's 7th chin and drained all the butter and cottage cheese out of her enlarged arteries. fuck you and your scenester fashion show gayness.

- playing ABC No Rio March 25th. some other stuff in the work as well. stay toon.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

NP:Swans-You're Not Real, Girl

- this Saturday, the twenty-fifth of whatever month this is, we return to Almost Home Cafe. we'll be playing first. guess they want to get our punk-rock loving socially inept asses out of there quickly so the "groundbreaking" death metal acts can twirl their hair and pretend they've seen dead bodies up close or whatever it is they do nowadays.

- we have another new song called "Pencil Lead Sutures". it's about more of the same stuff i usually right about, being immensley insecure and isolated almost all the time, almost everywhere i go. i relized i'm pretty much just writing all the same kind of stuff Black Flag wrote about, minus the ones about cops. i won't win no beauty contests that way, but whatever. i'd rather be alone than bored with myself.

- come out to the show, for real. and don't be afraid. we're really sensitive.