Sunday, April 30, 2006

i have a pssible title for our full length;


think that's as good as i can do.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Williamsburg Under My Fingernail

- this past Thursday we recorded the song "World Under My Fingernail" for a Fear of God tribute. Anthony from Sick of Talk played the drums on that one. more on that when more on that arrives.

- we have a couple of new songs in the early stages of conduction; possible lyrics/song titles "Salt Charmer", "Rebel Geisha", "Time Lapse Footage of a Rotting Corpse", "Scolopedra", and "Radiator Music". the more observant of you see that i listed more than 3 songs there. still haven't figured out which ones i will use, not that it really matters.

- went to the High on Fire/Goatwhore show @ North Six in Williamsburg last night. the show was sold out, so i didn't get in because i didn't have enough foresight to see that this thing would sell-out, but there it was written on the little chalk board outside, laughing in my face; "SOLD OUT!".

it was only a couple of years ago when you didn't have to buy tickets in advance to see shows of this nature. i can understand having to buy advance tickets when it's stuff like Melvins or Slayer, but Goatwhore? High on Fire? when did these shows become the new "in-thing"? i mean i like High on Fire, but what about them has made them the latest darlings of people who were probably listening to the fashionihilsm of Daughters and the Locust 2-3 years ago? i just don't get it.

so as i drifted from indoors to outdoors all night, shuffling my feet to rid myself of boredom and entropy, i decided to see how many of these people who had tickets were genuinely excited to be there. what i found was very little psyched metal/hardcore people and a lot of scqueefs showing off their girlfriends, who could not be any more indifferent towards the night's festivities or the trend-bag ass targets trying to Myspace their way into their cunts. they looked at their cellphones, they text-messeged their girlfriends or whatever half-a-fag employs them as a beard whenever needed, they left halfway through the bands' sets, etc. basically i lost my chance to see 2 great bands because these Pabst drinking Mypace-mongoloids wanted a place to hang out and look bored for the night.

so there's place-I-don't-fit-in # 59697909288909583492389594.

- shows in the summer. more later. my hands hurts right now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

...with a TRIDENT!

- show last night went pretty well. Unearthly Trance were immensley impressive. picked up their new cd the Trident. haven't worked enough past this headache to listen to anything remotely heavy this morning, but i'll get around to it. as for us, we got some kind words from the usual gang of people who always see fit to check out our radtardness...thanks dudes.

- the turn out sucked, mostly due to the 2 other big shows happening that same night. not that we're arrogant enough or delusional enough to believe that these people would've come out anyway, but i have a feeling if the Sword stuck to swallowing their namesake instead of swallowing any potential audience our show could've obtained, it might have been a slightly better turn-out. oh well, their loss. i'm tired of making fun/complaining about this kind of shit. we had fun and we saw some good bands. that's enough for me. i'm more upset that some people are buying into hype-on-a-shit-tipped-dick bands and 35 dollar death metal shows instead of going to see genuinely good bands at a reasonable price. whatever though, it aint me picking the scene over my brain. but i'm getting further from the point here, so brand new topic.....

- we're recording a cover of "World Under My Fingernails" for a Fear of God tribute album, which i'm told will also feature Cripple Bastards, Drop Dead, Rot, and others. Anthony from Sick of Talk will be doing the drums for that one.

- we have some shows coming up in June. more info later.

- recent musical obsessions; Diamanda Galas, Unearthly Trance, Cretin, Rollins Band, Eyehategod, Naked City, Mr. Bungle, (early) Morbid Angel, Deathcycle, Dresden Dolls, Suicide, Triac

Sunday, April 09, 2006

- Unearthly Trance record release show is tonight @ the Knitting Factory. we're playing along w/ Gospel & Death by a Thousand Cuts. c'mon down. the new UT stuff is fucking excellent and should be heard by all.

- there's like a million other shows tonight, and of course i'm gonna say see the one we're playing, but the only other show i would endorse is Disnihil @ North Six cause they're good dudes and their music wipes the floor with almost everything. so if you can't make it to UT's show (featuring us), than go to that one cause i'm sure it will be radsome.

the other 2 shows however can suck it. what are those other 2 shows?

Morbid Angel w/ Behemoth, Krisun, Despised Icon
the newest darlings of the scene, the Sword @ CBGBs

now i have nothing but love for a good bulk of Morbid Angel's catalog, but c'mon. cleanse the dead elephant and leave it be. i know David Vincent's back, but he looks like a Malasian Transexual crossed with a pro-wrestler turned mall-goth. Krisun and Behemoth are the definition of dull-as-skull-tattoos derf metal, type-writer drums and all. and Despised icon is the Red Chord minus character. the show will probably cost 30 dollars, and shirts will probably be the same. that's a lot of money to watch greasy longhairs stand in front of fans and pretend to be UnderButtLords of all Fevers and Plague.

as for the Sword... they are the Spin Magazine ideal of what Stoner Rock should be. the Sword is to High on Fire what Bush is to Nirvana; a pale derivative that abandons the songwriting and the intensity of its influences and instead offers a non-threatening fashionable alternative for dimesionless teenage girls, boring scenster brats, and other assorted intellectual cripples who are incapable of handling or understanding the real thing.

- in closing, c'mon down tonight @ the Knitting Factory, pick up the new UT, and grab yourself some Communion stuffs aswell. it's titiriffic.