Tuesday, May 30, 2006

- here is the information on the Fear of God tribute.

we recorded "World Under My Fingernail" for the tribute a little over a month ago. nice to see it will come to pass. i'm not much of a fan of tribute albums, but this has some interesting bands paying tribute to one of the most influential albeit overlooked bands of all time.

- everyone should go to North Six in Brooklyn this Friday June 2nd and check out this spectactacular show; UNHOLY GRAVE, YACAPOSE, LETHAL AGGRESSION, SANITYS DAWN, DEATHCYCLE.

- than June 10 (the next saturday after) come back down to the place you've never been, Almost Home Cafe in West Islip to see us w/ Deathcycle, Two-Man Advantage, and Last Call Brawl. we will be there, clinging to the heels of greater men, like the Jacobs that we are.

-recent musical obsessions; Cripple Bastards, Cop Shoot Cop, Thoughts of Ionesco, Born Against, Laughing Hyenas, Fugazi, Unsane, Kayo Dot, Anaal Nathrakh, Whale

- speaking of Whale...i advise all who read this to search YouTube for their video "Hobo Humping Slobo Babe". it's an eerily groovy track, probably the most beautiful song about sex with children that has ever been written.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


- shows coming up; June 10 @ Almost Home Cafe w/ Deathcyle, Last Call Brawl, and Two-Man Advantage. July 1 (or 2) in Brooklyn with Biolich, Throwing Shrapnel, and a surprise. some other really amazing things might be happening as well, but i live in fear of the jinx mentioning the names may bring forth.

*the rest of the blog was deleated, bitch.*

Friday, May 19, 2006

Lost them all not to the graves but the caskets fitted with windows so they can see Hell. If it takes “hitting bottom” to notice everything is gone I hope no holes will have me since I am fit for none.

i don't wanna turn this into Otep's blog (yes, i drift over there from time to time. i'm a simple man and i needs me laughs), but i just felt like posting the above.

Friday, May 12, 2006

NP:Dead Girl History - Chemical

- so looks like Anthony from Sick of Talk is our drummer. he'll be making his debut performance (with us that is) on June 10 @ Almost Home Cafe, which is where we always debut new drummers apparently.

- if you can, pick up the new albums from Cretin, Imapled Nazarene, Misery Index, and Starkweather. also if you're a Queen Size Pink Whistler like myself, pick up the new Dresden Dolls.