Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NP:The Sundays - Wild Horses

- fucking asshole blooger just deleted my whole fucking post. lets try it again whil my blood is still foaming with rabies-rage.

- Swarm of the Lotus broke up. this really bums me out. i was really into their two albums; When White Becomes Black and especially last year's the Sirens of Silence. we had the pleasure to play with them summer 2005 at Shit-E in Manahattan. i not only found them to be a pretty crushing live act, but also real mellow, cool guys. the underground can be a real cunt sometimes, and more often than not it's the genuinely good bands (and people) who are on the wrong end of its bloody-tampon of a mood swing. i hope they keep making music in some sort of fashion.

- new songs we have that are still pre-mature enough to abort with a wire hanger; "RECOVERING VIGILANTE" and "CALIGULA REINCARNATED AS THE ANDROID OF NOTRE DAME".

- if the rare case of "everything going according to plan" should arise, we will be recording three songs at the end of the year for a split w/ Too Many Screaming Children. we'll be doing one original track ("Cult Machine") and too cover songs (Nuclear Death and Mythic, haven't really settled on what songs from each group yet). Too Many Screaming Children will be doing the same.

- we have shows coming up;

Nov. 4 @ Lucky Cat in Brooklyn w/ Id, Sea of Bones, and more

Nov. 21 @ Brookyn Fireproof w/ Total Fucking Destruction, Rising Up/Rising Down, and more

- Deathcycle and Celebrity Murders will be playing with Drop Dead @ North Six this friday night. Deathcycle wil also be playing Nov. 11 also at North Six with Dissacociate, Hirax, and mother fucking ANAL CUNT. go to them.

- recent musical obsessions: Garmonbozia, 13, the Sundays, Red Harvest, Easy Action, Bjork, Fucked Up, Unexpect, My Dying Bride, Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Melvins, Sun City Girls, King Crimson, the Zombies, Silver Apples, Can't, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Magazine, James Chance

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

NP:Peeping Tom - Mojo

- after the Nov. 21 show with Total Fucking Destruction, Anthony will no longer be drumming for the Communion. i'd like to take this time to extend a deep thank you to sir Biscuits for helping us out through the summer. i realize that this has been a "less than rewarding" expierence for you, and for whatever reasons you have, you may view your stint with us as unfortunate (maybe even embarassing, whatever the view of certain circles of jerks maybe) detour on your musical resume. i really am sorry that you had to put up with situations that may have been sub-enthralling, but i mean, isn't that what being young and punk-obsessed is all about? getting some dirt under your fingernails? playing the ocassional degrading gig? eating more shit than you care to eat? it may have broken your heart or pissed you off, but trust me little man, these moments are character thickeners.

you played better than any drummer we've ever had, finally granting us a recording with a reasonable drum performance. i was angry about your recent lack of interest, as well as the annoucnment of your departure, but i do understand and hope that you'll give it all in these last 2 performances. after that, you never have to see us again. you can wish us rape and Hell for all i care. i'm not exactly entertaining the notion of writing someone else off, at least with the same mirth i typically indulge in when doing it, and i'm getting tired of being pissed about dumb shit.

I'm sorry we're no fun. I'm sorry we're elitist assholes. I'm sorry if i went to far with the sarcastic put downs and the veiled insults.

thanks again.

- so yeah. we need a drummer again. those of you thinking "Spinal Tap"'re boring and not funny so just shut the fuck up.