Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Welcome to the War" - Danny Glover, 'Predator 2', 1990

NP:Frank Black - Los Angles

NAPALM DEATH Explain Cancellation Of Last Night's Show In New York
Posted: November 25, 2006 at 10:35

NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury has posted this message on the band's official website regarding the cancellation of last night's gig (November 24) at Club Ritual in Levittown, NY:

"Many, many apologies to all our fans that turned up to tonight's show. The club did not have a working PA/sound system. We tried to resolve the matter - our sound engineer even tried to repair the system with the promise from the club that they would buy some extra parts/speakers etc. They then backed out of that promise in the hopes that the bands would just play and sound like shit, ie: no vocals, no mics. I guess they care more about their Techno/Rap club night then they do about holding Metal/Hardcore shows."

welcome to Long Island, mates.

New York's underground music scene is heading into dark times. Record Stores going out of buisness. Clear Channel buying out every venue. Mediocre shit bands sucking up the attention from more deserving acts. Whiny narcisists, Vapid hangers-on, Rock n' Roll Starfuckers, and intellectual cripples co-opting the music we care about to feed their ego, reinforce their fashionihilsm, and glaze the assholes of their own self importance. CBGBs, an undisputed landmark, has been gutted, reduced to a burnt out maw, merely an eyesore in a rich neighborhood. the honest are now jaded...the real now bitter. The leaders now submissive. The Blah Blah now the So and So.

this makes me angry...which i'm liking. makes for good "art". if any of you out there know what i'm talking about, let us know.

NP:Marilyn Manson - Coma White

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eat Us Before We Finish This Song

- a big belching thanks to the Palindrome for puting up with our "Sore Throat trying to be Soilent Green" stylings for another night. we had fun. the cupcakes were good, both the pastry and the naked children varieties, and it was more than an honor to share the stage with a Brutal Truth member (drummer Rich Hoak). speaking of which, Total Fucking Destruction was nothing but revelation. "Seth Putnam is Wrong about a lot of Things, but he is Right about You" indeed. for a little over a half/hour it was like we fell into some pocket alternate-universe where Gibbey Hayes and Exit-13 joined forces to create a minimalist grind band. super cool guys too, with a pretty excellent little distro (picked up Cripple Bastards - Misantropo A Senso Unico).

- went into a Falaphel (sp?) shop and watched the Turkish Pop Music Videos on TV. and i learned something...i've been going about this "jerking off" thing all wrong. Turkish Pop Music Stars are infinietly hotter than almost any of the Vivid Girls. (edited for a PC America)

- next show (if we have a drummer) will be @ North Six w/ Drugs of Faith, Salome, and more TBA.

- Happy Carrion-Feasting-As-Balloons-Float-By Day.

Monday, November 20, 2006

show TOMORROW 11/21 brooklyn

- palindrome productions last show, so lets make it a good'un

8:00 PM
brooklyn fireproof
101 richardson st
brooklyn, NY 11201

Total Fucking Destruction (grindcore. ex brutal truth)

Casket Architects (what Devo would sound like if they were noisy grave-robbing necrophiles)

Rising Up/Rising Down (hardcore music you can harpoon whales to)

The Communion (Pseudo-Nihilistic Black Metal Posturing)

- Napalm Death on Black Friday @ Club Ritual.

- recent musical obsessions: Rope, the Grails, Dazzling Killmen, Anal Cunt, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Starkweather, Andrew WK, Skeleton Key, Serpents, Manes, Univers Zero, Thinking Plague, Steel Pole Bathtub, Burning Witch, Today is the Day, Cripple Bastards, Oxbow, Salome, Drugs of Faith, Casket Lottery, Diamanda Galas, Autopsy, Candlemass

Sunday, November 05, 2006

on a sad note; Larissa Strickland, the singer for L-Seven (NOT L7) and guitarist for the John Brannon fronted Laughing Hyenas, passed away yesterday of a drug overdose. as much as Laughing Hyenas was defined by John Brannon's pounding-railroad-spikes-into-your-forehead vocals, perhaps no one's guitar playing better complemented Brannon's voice than Strickland's. they were big, violent, blood-soaked-blues attacks. heavier than metal, more desperate than punk, and serious to the point of all nervosa. a sad day indeed.

go find some Laughing Hyenas and fucking blaze that shit.
- so the show last night went pretty well. big ganks to all those who made it happen (Lee, Matt Dissocociate) and to all the bands; Moral Degredation for lending us their drumset, ID for kicking ass all over us, and Seventh Gate for sticking around to see us despite a six hour drive back to Virginia. it really says something about who cares and who doesn't.

as usual, most people didn't stick around to see us play, which (sorry to get off on a rant here) i found to be really disrespectful. even if you only came to see ID, why not stick around to see the people who BROUGHT THEM TO NEW YORK. but i digress.

- next show will be courtesy of fine people at the Palidrome. Nov. 21st with TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, CASKET ARCHITECTS, and RISING UP RISING DOWN.

- recent musical obsessions: the Poltergeist Soundtrack, Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, Klaus Nomi, Pond, The Wolfgang Press, the Skillet Lickers, Today is the Day, Test Dept., SPK, Candlemass, Shelley Duval, Porn, Trouble, Cat Power

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Hard Sell

NP:Starkweather - Shroud

- so tomorrow is our dramatic return to the live forum @ Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. i urge everyone...everyone?...EVVVVV-REEEEEEE-WHAAAAAAAAN-uh! to come to this gig. it's us, Moral Degredation, and we've got 3 great bands from OUT OF STAAAAAAAAATE (Seventh Gate, Sea of Bones, and motherfucking ID) who are all in their own way totally awesome. this is ID's first gig in NY, so let's make it a memorable one. we'll be playing last. please stick around, if only out of respect for Lee, who was one of the main people responsible for puting this show together. don't be lame, fellas and femmes.

NP:Starkweather - Shards

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If the Unabomber Manifesto was a Softcore Porn...

NP:Faith No More w/ the Boo-Ya Tribe - Another Body Murdered

new lyrics;

It’s hard to vegetate without meats to gnaw. A numb wash-out just below “recluse”. Ghost-tamped sands...gnarled melodies from wire in hands that are pre-occupied with the thin air between furniture and the well-aged dirt our eruptions have petrified. Form enriched by splatter-film possibility. Wormed cores convinced by the canes that they're something sweetly. Bleach will be exchanged, the masochist hushed by conquering voyeurs. Grind house heroines writhe before the drill-bit, glazed in the syrup our jaws invoke.

Just below the fracture the threshold bridges caverns. Roads beneath body casts, permanently braced . Barb-wire mesh constellations across late-night horizons. Screams to be compared to the lung-rubbings of others rather than being rewarded in time for their own failure. Heads were unloaded to deny the ammunition. Zombies inherit the dirt from genuine cadavers. The crippled-with-life believe they are the same. They turn in horror from anything other than consensual laceration, taking pride in phony-tough bloodlust. Eventually the glass will rise and we'll wake up to the shallows, seeing depth for all its avoidance.

- don't on Saturday. it's going to an internal bloodbath on our parts i'm sure.