Friday, December 22, 2006


- happy holidays. you know it's going to be a happy holidays when you find the Crossed Out disgog on Amazon for a reasonable price AND when MF Doom is hosting Adult Swim X-Mas eve.

- so we've practicing with a drummer-fella named Jason for the last 2 weeks or so. seems like it might work out. hi.

- show on January 21 @ Sorth Nix in Brooklyn w/ Sloth Omega Doom, Drugs of Faith, Salome, and others. yet another shinding put on by Metal General Lee and Brooklyn Dildo Factory. come on out sucka.

- recent musical obsessions: Muse, Comity, Antaeus, Gojira, Skeleton Breath, Overmars, Crime, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dread Zeppelin, Jesu, John Cooper Clark, Anaal Nathrakh, Afghan Whigs, Meatjack, Amebix, Nuclear Riot Party

- recent (and not so recent) porn obsessions: Lanny Barbie, Hannah Harper, Ashlyn Gere, PJ Sparxxx, Nikki Dial, Carmen Luvana, Janine, Jill Kelly w/ A-Cup boobies, Cytherea, Tori Welles, Savanna Samson, Jennifer Luv, Kayleni Lei

Sunday, December 03, 2006

- so we're still looking for a drummer. give us a chance. we're not total assholes. we're trying people out now, but we know better than to get our hopes up about anything. come join der party.

- shows will probably be on hold until we get someone. sucks ass cause some cool stuff could be in the works. that's how it is with us, though. whatever.

- some new songs we're working on; "Tarantula Kitchen" (formely "Negaphoria". new lyrics and new title because old lyrics and old title were weak as hell. i like this title cause it reminds me of Brainbombs, and i like to be reminded of Brainbombs) and "Hypnagogic Caregiver". probably some more stuff, too. musically it's more savage and depressing, lyrically it's more "psychological" and grotesque. not trying to over-sell it or anything, just calling it likes i sees it.

- recent musical obsessions: GG Allin (1988-93 stuff), Scott Walker, Icons of Filth, Sheer Terror, Virgin Black, Scissor Girls, Agalloch, Death in June, Virgin Prunes, Cherubs, Wu-Tang Clan, Painkiller, Ascension-era Coltrane, Khlyst, Negative Approach, Ringworm, Christian Death