Monday, January 29, 2007

- this blog will be two years old next week. i thought i felt a tantrum coming on.

- so we'll be burroughing (in the mole and William sense of the word) underground for a couple of months to work on new songs and record some stuff for a CD-R split with Too Many Screaming Children. we'll be doing two originals and two covers;

Nuclear Death - Fetal Lament: Home Sickness (i know we said we were doing "Necrobestiality", but this one is a tad easier to make out.)

forgot the other cover song.

- we should have much nicer t-shirts real soon as well. gone will be our old logo (its less-than-awesmomness pointed out by several people...most loudly, angrily, and hilarously by Ralphy Boy of Disassociate). so we'll have a gore-metal logo t-shirt and a Grafitti logo t-shirt...maybe even an unreadable black metal logo t-shirt?

- we're in the process of booking a weekend's worth of shows for the third week of May. we'll be embarking on these dates with Iskra who are AWESOME and well worth your time to check out. this will be the weekend before Maryland Death Fest, which we will be attending, but as fans and consumers. tee.

- recent musical obsessions: the Cranium, Semargl, Antigama, Black Mayonnaise, Brighter Death Now, Crom-Tech, Salome, Annuals, Nas, John Watermann, Aphrodite's Child, the Boredoms, Watchmaker, Pig Destroyer, Cable Regime, Drugs of Faith, Deathspell Omega, Circle of Dead Children, Woburn House

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

hey. here's some music;

Lydia Lunch, Deathspell Omega, Missing Foundation, Dälek, Monster X, Cable Regime, Blut Aus Nord, Sore Throat, Skeleton Breath, Devendra Banhart, Winter, cen.quo.akt, Serpents, Manes, Virgin Prunes, Maudlin of the Well, Antaeus, Wire, Fucked Up, Death in June, Virgin Black, Nuclear Riot Party, 13, Asbestos Death, Articles of Faith, Enemy Soil, Shrum, Fields of the Nephilim, My Bloody Valentine, Amanda Palmer, Arson Anthem, Oxbow, Barbarian Lord, the Skillet Lickers, Diamanda Galas, Candlemass, 16 Horsepower, Rope, Siege, Grails, Battle of Mice, Nurse With Wound, Klaus Nomi, Agalloch, Sun City Girls, Omega Red, the God Machine, Cranes, Can't, Giant Squid, Unexpect, Comity, Oroku, Playing Enemy, Crom, Gojira, Overmars, Septic Johnson, Stolen Babies, Skeleton Key, Watch Me Burn, Garmonbozia, Deftones, Dinosaur Jr. , Failure, Lord, Killdozer , Salome, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum , Decapitado , the Weirdos , Taipan, Rudimentary Peni , Combatwoundedveteran , Battle Royale, Ringworm, Kiss It Goodbye , the Accused , Syd Barret , Botch , X-Ray Spex , the Slits, Rapeman, Chum , Flatlinerz , Big Buisness , Red Harvest , Craft , Born Against , Wolf Eyes , Richard Hell and the Voidoids , Cripple Bastards , Brazzaville , MF Doom . Cannibal Ox , Public Image Ltd., James Chance and the Contortions , Human Remains , Rorschach , Made out of Babies , Book of Black Earth , Triac , Kayo Dot , Swarm of the Lotus , Meatjack , Circle Takes the Square , Tractor Sex Fatality , Dresden Dolls , Fuck the Facts , Pixies , Black Howler , Wake Up On Fire , Sam Black Church , Celebrity Murders , Kill the Client , Negative Approach , the Blowtops , Flesh Parade , Total Fucking Destruction , Flipper , Eyehategod , Dour , Soilent Green , Rwake , Feast of Herod , Rhino Charge , Tad , Cable , Starkweather , Rat in a Bucket , Discordance Axis , facedowninshit , Baerforce , Disnihil , Vore , Bad Brains , Swans , Apartment 213 , Dead Girl History , Martrydod , Cortez , Harvey Milk , Flatigious Idiosyncracy in the Dilapidation , Impaled Nazarene , Minuteman , Despise You , Anaal Nathrakh , Big Black , Mercyful Fate , Grenziline , Watchmaker , Gravediggaz , Crossed Out , Cat Power , Capitalist Casualties , Brainbombs , Grum Lee , Jesu , Teenage Jesus and the Jerks , Richard Cheese , Laughing Hyenas , Adam and the Ants , Corrupted , Culture Club , Despotic Robot , Nuclear Death , Fear of God , Outlaw Order , Katrina and the Waves , Whitehouse , Pig Destroyer , Die Kreuzen , Defeatist , Slayer , Drowningman , Captain Beefheart , Cretin , Unearthly Trance , Lori Bravo , the Holy Mountain , the BellRays , Anal Cunt , Melt Banana , Nausea , Black Flag , Deadboy and the Elephantmen , Deathcycle , Vulgar Pigeons , Black Army Jacket , Rwake , Powerglove , Raw Radar , Flesh Parade , Shakira , Crowbar, Circle of Dead Children , Prince , Jucifer , Hope Collapse , Type 0 Negative , Hewhocorrupts , Laura Stevenson , Crisis , Refused , Tom Waits , Nick Cave and the Badseeds , Bonnie Prince Billy , Benumb , Thoughts of Ionesco , Plasmatics , Whale , KEN Mode , Coffins , Slaughter , Master , Grief , Mythic , S.O.B. , Dwarves , Venomous Concept , High on Fire , MC5 , Yob , Unsane , Easy Action , the Jim Carrol Band , Patti Smith , Righteous Pigs , Antigama , Order of the Vulture , Saccharine Trust , Honey Bane , the Necros , Cop Shoot Cop , Poison Idea , Steel Pole Bathtub , Coalesce , Einstürzende Neubauten , Carpathian Forest , Salt This Earth , 7000 Dying Rats , Overcast , Le Scrawl , Insect Warfare , Gogol Bordello , the Birthday Party

Monday, January 22, 2007


- thanks to all parties involved for making last night's show in Brooklyn a success (in our own minds). it was our first show w/ drummer Jason, so we may have been a little rocky in some spots, but overall it was a pleasent expierence. hoped you all liked the newer stuff we played.

- the other bands were all (pretty much) without exception totally awesome in every way possible. Salome broke my heart, crushed soul and bone, and made me feel undeserving of such attention. absolutley amazing and scary shit...the musical equivilant of getting sexually assaulted in an opium den. Drugs of Faith played utterly insane broken-jointed "Post-Grind" (i think i invented that term...and even if i didn't...i'll probably write several accademic articles on the subject). Rudra and Sloth Omega Doom were also a real cool time. sorry we couldn't give you all more...because you certainley deserve it. hope you all got home safe and i hope we can all play again soon.

- thanks again to Metal General R. Lee Ermlee, Matt and the Dissacociate Dildo Factory for putting this show together.

- so last night we decided to put the Well Played, Illuminati material to we'll probably never play any of that stuff again. we're sick of it and we have new stuff that's a million times better....but really we just wanna be cool like Starkweather..tee.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


- THE COMMUNION plays a show.
January, 21 2007 at North Six
66 N 6th street, williamsburg, brooklyn, New York
Cost : 10 bucks

RUDRA (black/death thrash from singapore)
WILL OF THE ANCIENTS (black metal from canada)
DRUGS OF FAITH (backwards clock grindrock from VA)
SALOME (doom sludge/drone from VA)
SLOTH OMEGA DOOM (baltimore's slowest in NY)
EVERYTHING'S RUINED (Thrash/death/hc from NY)

10 dollars
doors 7:30 pm
show North Six (Downstairs)
66 n 6th Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn

- recent music obsessions: Dalek, Swans, Antaeus, Amber Asylum, Kayo Dot, Jack Palance, Deftones, Comity, Iskra, Deathspell Omega, Monster X, Spine Wrench, Thoughts of Ionesco, Devendra Banhart, Unruh, Gojira, Monarch!, Abruptum, Asbestos Death, Order of the Vulture, Asunder, Unexpect, Antigama

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Crust Punk in the Wrong Hands

- scroll down for my top hits/misses of the year. it should be UNSANE in the live performance section, not SUNSANE. dur.

- had our first practice with a full band yesterday. sounded pretty good un heavy. pretty much focused on "Jester Axis", "Scarecrow Revolt", "Tarantula Kitchen", and "Cult Machine". we're trying to phase out some of the older material because we're sick to death of playing it and also not having anyone give a shit about us gives us the freedom to play whatever the fuck we want.

- i think like 2 more bands were added to the it's 4....7....12?....25! i must go!

- still no word on the splits yet. our side is done. no one else is bothering to update us on what is in the fuck up. life really is an inconvenience, isn't it?

- recent musical obsessions: Devendra Banhart, Magazine, Negative FX, Missing Foundation, Mars, DNA, Einstürzende Neubauten, Joanna Newsom, Deathspell Omega, Apruptum, Idiot Flesh, Antaeus, Cat Power, Starkweather, Oroku

- and now, at the risk of COMPLETELY alienating a scene of which we are already on shaky ground. Crust music, as it exists now, needs to die the fuck out already. i'm talking the HHIG/Skitsystem knock-off bands, and they're essentially innumerable in amount. there are a few newer crust bands (Stormcrow, Oroku, and a few other that Lee probably knows all about) that are taking that style into new territory (in Oroku's case, incoporating almost mournful sounding cellos into the sound, which make the music sound gloomy as silent-film-hell), but personally speaking i'm a little worn out on most of it. it's become cliche. HHIG broke up like ten years ago. i adore HHIG, but that's because they were a fresh take on the whole filthy-crossover thing...sort of like what Neurosis would've eventually sounded like if they stuck to playing strange hardcore punk instead of what they became with Souls at Zero (and i'm not knocking them for that, btw. they're one of the most amazing bands ever and i wuv them). the point is they put a new spin on things. i think it's about that time for someone else to take crust-punk-thrash-crossover-etc into new places. whether it's a bunch of Squater Anarchists or a bunch of rich/middle class kids slumming it at ABC No Rio on a Saturday afternoon or a pervert like me who can't help his cock from thinking crust-punk-girls are's due.

- the title of this post is a paraphrasing of a Pg.99 song, for those not in the know.

Monday, January 01, 2007

- Happy New Year

- Decibel just released their Top 40 of 2006 article, and i officially hate the living fuck out of this publication. nevermind that they've done more in their short period as a magazine to damage metal and hardcore's already rapidily deteirorating credebility than any fat and/or annoying cunt TV Jockey ever could, by being little more than a merch catalog for Deathwish INC., Victory Records, and and other in-the-now labels, but this is IT. the hipster doofuses at this shitty magazine have the nerve to call Khlyst's release "the comedy album of the year" (written with the intent of putting forth a wit and sarcasm that only the most amateur and banal of message board lurker would find amusing), but they go on to put albums by these acts on their "best of" list;

DragonForce (overproduced video game bullshit)
Jucifer (passionless college-radio drivel masquerading as doom/stoner rock)
Lamb of God (Pantera minus charisma and songs)
The Sword (High on Fire's Silverchair...if that makes any sense..and fuck you it does)
First Blood (haven't heard this, but the name of the album is Killafornia)

so Runhild's (Khylst) god-damn frightening inhuman growls are a "joke", but Amber Valentine's (Jucier) laughably self-concious "sensual" crooning isn't? maybe it's a looks thing...oh wait, Runhild has her beat in that department as well.

they get some of it right (Gojira, Kylesa, Made out of Babies, and a few others), and i'l overlook Starkweather and Giant Squid's absence, because people are dumb and i'm starting to learn to deal with that, but c'mon...Converge? Isis? Mastodon? haven't we gotten over these bands yet? at this point, those bands are starting to coast on their reputation and past intensity rather than actually putting forth the effort it takes to be genuinely ferocious. Mastodon is a bland Arena Rock band, Isis are now limp shoegazers, and Converge are just regurgiating the same ideas that were done better by any number of underground metallic hardcore acts from ten years ago. fuck this shitty magazine.

- show in less than three weeks @ North Six w/ Drugs of Faith, Salome, Sloth Omega Doom, Rudra. it'll be our first show with our bad-ass new drummer Jason. we'll be debuting new songs. hoo-rah.